Something Else Entirely, 1:31, 2018.

Train Ride, 8:02, 2017.

Fruit Salad, 1:42, 2016.

The Strip, 7:37, 2016.


Moon Charm School,
New Moon Visible 2% at Changes,
New York, New York, 2017.

Rainbow Heart Bridge,
Collaboration with Yuqi Wang, 2016.
Shown at Labbodies Annual Performance Review,
SpaceCamp Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland, 2016.
Review by Bonnie Crawford Kotula for Bmore Art.

Mind-Blowing Decisions,
Performance in studio to Heatwave song.
Green silk fabric is draped and tied in a bun.
Included in exhibition Detail at Wanusay Montreal,
Montreal, Quebec, 2015.


Impacting Lives & Public Apology Parade,
video excerpt of a 30 minute parade around the Banff Centre.
Collaboration with Emily Kathleen McIntyre,
Banff, AB, 2012.

Boot Cut Leather Pants,
video written and edited by Emily Kathleen McIntyre,
Montreal, QC, Canada, 2012.